“Here is the SECRET to Educational Programs that are FUN and will have IMPACT! In fact if these educational school assembly programs fail to impress you and impact your kids, YOU PAY NOTHING...and I’ll pay you $100 for wasting your time”!
-Brian Richards Minneapolis Educational Speaker

With so many educational speakers out there it's hard to know who to hire. WIth 30 years of experience and as one of the most "kids experienced speakers" in MN. you will be thrilled with response and high quality I deliver with each program.

We are very excited to share our BRAND NEW program "Bulldoze the Bully" a wonderful interactive program that uses magic, humor and tons
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of audience participation to reinforce these 3 Key messages:


I grew up in Chicago and went to school about 5 blocks from the city bordeer. During that time I had the unique experience of fellow students encouraging me to be a bully because I was on the football team and big for my age. But I also knew some tough kids who liked me because I made them laugh. Humor is a wonderful defense but it doesn't stop you from making tough decisions to be a friend and not a BULLY!

Even if you don't hire me (how sad that would be)...I still want you to have the best speaker for your event. So I want to send you two tools absolutely FREE. In fact, one of these tools saved one MN. Parent Group from making a $750 mistake! By simply clicking the CONTACT ME button at the bottom of the page, I will send to you my very special Educational Speaker checklist that makes finding a top notch speaker easy as 1...2...3!!

But WAIT that's not all, contact me today and I will send you the interview I did with Christopher Pilon and Educational IMPACT. In this interview, we discuss what makes a program "educationally significant". Armed with this information you will be able to find quality speakers for your assembly programs like…MAGIC. As a result we all win...you have an effective assembly and as a result are more likely to have another speaker. So even if you don't hire me, we all benefit when you have a positive experience!

School assembly programs can have incredible IMPACT on the students who watch but to do that you need an educational interaction EXPERT. Programs that are educational and capture + maintain the FOCUS of the student body.

"Brian Richards does an amazing job of intergration of fun and learning! The students absorbed so much and didn't even know they were learning! Specifically, I liked the humor and body language. I really liked the repetition of ideas. I have never seen such a great combination of fun and learning!"
-Cari Stevens, Hope Community Academy

And please feel free to explore this site to learn more about the school programs we offer. But a word of CAUTION, I often book 4-6 months in advance and a typical month involves 20 - 35 programs...so don't wait too long, or your date may disappear (pun intended)!

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