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For over 25 years Brian Richards has tackled important messages such as Bullying, Character
Development, Reading Motivation, Drug Awareness, Safety, and National Pride. He has taken
those subjects and created unique interactive programs that teach kids important lessons while
having a lot of fun in the process.

The result a memorable experience that principals and students LOVE!!

“Brian was excellent to work with! He was very professional and the whole process
was easy and stress free. The kids absolutely loved him and belly laughed through
his entire show. I would highly recommend him!”

-Megan Popowski, Milbank Elementary Milbank, SD.

“What I liked best about your program, ‘The Magic Of Cooperation’ is the focus on
respectful, upbeat communication with one another. The students were completely
engaged. They loved the show but more importantly they got the message!!”
-Amy Underhill, Hope Community Academy, St. Paul, MN.

“Everyone loved ‘I Believe in ME’. The pacing was down time. Your
program is very focused and entertaining! It was a real pleasure having you at
-Dawn Dahlberg, Edinbrook Elementary

 "The show kept the students and faculty interested and entertained. It was also
educational and the students talked about the parts they liked most (the book on fire!).
It was easy to include examples into the curriculum and get students thinking.
Very well prepared!"
-Tana Langer, Hillcrest Elementary, Ellsworth, WI. 

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